We've Gone All Digital

Since the national digital conversion in 2013, we have assisted our customers through the transition by offering Digital Television Adapter (DTA) boxes as a rental option for those who have analog televisions. At this time, we have decided to discontinue our DTA rental service. If you already have a DTA box, you may continue to use it to receive HD channels, but if you are a new customer with an analog television, or if you need additional DTAs, you’ll need to purchase them from a separate retailer.

A recommended alternative to using a DTA box is to switch to an HD box. An HD box will give you the same benefits as a DTA, and can be rented from Bardstown Cable TV

Another alternative is to upgrade your television to a newer model. Make sure any TV you purchase is able to tune clear-QAM cable TV signals. This will ensure your new TV is compatible with our service. Most medium to high-end televisions have this functionality, but beware of lower-end TVs, like you might find on sale on Black Friday. They may not contain QAM tuners.

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The Digital Conversion

Bardstown Cable TV has transitioned to all-digital technology for its Expanded Basic tier. We have stopped transmitting analog signals on channels 23 through 74. New features, such as more HD channels, Video on Demand (VOD), and improved quality are just some of the benefits this digital transition offers. If you have an older analog TV, you will need a DTA to receive Expanded Basic channels.

Please note: Basic Service (Channels 2 through 22) will remain in analog at this time. Basic-Only subscribers will not need a DTA.


Will this affect me?

If you have an older analog TV which is not connected to an HD box, you’ll need a DTA to receive Expanded Basic channels. Bardstown Cable TV no longer offers DTA rentals or servicing. DTAs will need to be purchased from a separate retailer.

  • Please note: Some early flat-screens do not have QAM tuners. To tell if your TV has a QAM tuner, refer to your TV owner's manual or perform a channel scan through the set up on your TV. If you pick up our digital music channels and channels listed with x.1 extensions (i.e., ESPN on 26.1), then your TV has a QAM tuner.
  • Also, please note: Premium services (HBO, etc) will not be supported by the DTA. A QAM tuner or HD box will be required for premium services.

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