Attention Bardstown Cable TV Subscribers: November 28th we're rolling out a new look for our on-screen guide for cable customers with HD boxes. To view information about the changes please click here for a brief overview or here for a more detailed description.
Attention Bardstown Cable Internet Customers: Bardstown Cable Internet Technicians will NEVER ask for your password via email. If you receive an email stating that we require your password and email information, please disregard. For more information please click here.
Bardstown CATV is transitioning to all-digital technology for its Basic lineup. We will stop transmitting analog signals on channels 2 through 22 and 98-99 beginning July 1st 2018. If you have an older analog TV, you will need a flat-screen TV with a QAM tuner or a DTA box to receive Basic channels. Premium services (HBO, Showtime, etc) will require HD Set-top. For more info, call 502-348-5947.
Attention Bardstown Cable TV Subscribers: Your utility account account number is NOT your account number to register with The correct account number has been printed on your bill as a TVE#. For more information please click here.
Attention Bardstown Cable Internet Subscribers: Docsis 3.0 cable modems are the only supported modems for our system. Use of earlier generation modems such as any Docsis 2.0 modem will likely result in speed issues and/or intermittent connections. If you are a rental customer, we can upgrade you at no additional cost. If you do not rent from us, please seek out an upgrade ASAP. See our supported modem list here. Please give us a call or email if you need any further help. Thank you.

High Speed

We offer several packages for both residential and commercial customers. - To see our speed packages click here. Included with the internet subscription:

  • Free Email
  • Free Webspace
  • Free Filtering
  • Unlimited Access

Click on the link below to find out more about pricing.


cable tv in
high definition

We offer several TV packages at an affordable rate. See our - CATV Packages.

  • We have:
  • HBO

Click on the link below to find out more about pricing.



With basic service starting at $22.65/month and our cable internet service starting at $31.25/month, our prices cannot be beat!

Also if you currently have expanded basic you'll receive an automatic 20% discount on your cable internet!

Please visit to see how we're negotiating to keep prices low for our customers!

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